Taylor Swift GQ Gets Soaked and Wet

By Celeb Spank | Oct 18, 2015
Taylor Swift GQ Beach Bikini See Through Shirt

Taylor Swift GQ magazine moments, allowed her to go very deep into how she became, where she started and show she truly feels about the industry. The way it affects her life and the people around her. It seems as such a beautiful woman, someone with a voice that touches millions, she is still a down to earth, reach human being not caught up in all the BS the celebrity industry brings with it.

She knows how to write some serious lyrics and connect with her fans on levels that most celebrities wont touch. Taylor Swift is just a girl, trying to be who she is and loving every moment of it. GQ Magazine wrote a fantastic article about her and we though that we should share it a bit with you and allow you all to get our thoughts!

“To me, the safest thing I could do was take the biggest risk. I know how to write a song. I’m not confident about a lot of other aspects of my life, but I know how to write a song.”


Taylor Swift gets soaked and wet in GQ magazine and that is how we like it here at Celebspank. We enjoy getting a little wet, and spanking it till we need a towel to dry off. Spanks Taylor swift for your music, your beautiful eyes and those amazing legs that our readers would love to have wrapped around them.

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