Miley Cyrus Thumbs Up On The Kimmel

By Celeb Spank | Oct 21, 2015

Celebrity superstar Miley Cyrus Thumbs up Jimmy Kimmel with sexy heart pasties and practically nothing else on. It’s almost as if she is just looking for attention in any way she can. Maybe Billy Ray didn’t not give her enough attention as a child, or she is lashing out to let everyone know, she will have a celebrity sex tape coming out very soon.

Mentos the fresh maker has not become a wardrobe that seems to be a malfunction in general. Miley Cyrus holding on to Jared Leto, wearing nothing but see through latex and what looks to be colorful Mentos. She definitely knows how to make an entrance and keep people talking about her next level ways.

Trend setter celeb Miley Cyrus keeps us all on our toes, so lets give her a high five, a couple claps and smack that ass!