Kendall Jenner Heart Break Pokies

By Celeb Spank | Nov 05, 2015
kendall jenner pokies

Heart break hotel has a few things to learn, Kendall Jenner knows how to take us all for a ride! Leave the keys under the mat, honey we are going to be late tonight. These Kardashian’s and Jenner’s have really taken the world by storm. They show off some skin, some of them have sex on camera and let their videos leak. This is the only reason they are so popular and the world eats it up.

If there was one celebrity that we would all like to eat up is Kendall Jenner, she must taste like roses and chocolate! We enjoy it every time we see her and its her pokies that we love the most.

Sit back relax, grab your AstroGlide and spank it hard to your celebrity loving hearts!