Gabriela Rabelo Cleavage Brazilian Bombshell

By Celeb Spank | May 02, 2015

Today was a nightmare for Brazilians around the world as Germany destroyed them in the 2014 World Cup. While everyone is drowning themselves in sorrow, booze and other things to cure Futbol Depression. Gabriela Rabelo Cleavage, super model is here to the rescue. This Brazilian Bombshell gives a new meaning to life and the reason we exist.

She decided to take it on, the one piece bikini that would change our outlook on what it means to have an imagination. Although, Gabriela Rabelo does show off some delicious cleavage that would only considered heaven in our eyes and our hearts.

Spank it to the beat of your celebrity supermodel hearts, because after a day like today, we just wanted to let you know that Futbol is not the only thing happening in Brazil. Gabriela Rabelo Cleavage is busting out for your viewing pleasure!