Emilia Clarke: Birthday Bonanza Bed Time Stories

By Celeb Spank | Oct 26, 2015
emilia clark-birthday bedtime story

Game Of Thrones SuperStar: Emilia Clarke turns 29 today so Celebspank wants to wish her a spanktacular Happy Birthday! Esquire recently noted her as the Sexiest Woman Alive and its time to unwrap her gifts early, so get ready and hold on time, its going to be a bumpy ride!

Emilia Clarke gets torn up in the newest nekkid cable series that has taken the world by storm. She has a scene where she backs it up and does not seem to be enjoying herself as she tears up, getting reared up! Although the celebrity superstar, takes it to another level in Esquires recent magazine as she tells naughty bed time stories.

Its time to close your eyes, make a wish and take a deep breath. Blow out your candles and we will make sure to spank it to our celebrity loving hearts, making our wishes come true!

Via Esquire