Claudia Romani World Cup Ready on Miami Beach

By Celeb Spank | May 02, 2015

During the World Cup events, Claudia Romani decided to enjoy the beautiful Miami Beach scene to just kick back and relax. But she also decided to get involved and Claudio Romani World Cup practicing showed off her Italian skills to the locals.

Excellent moves as she kick flips her soccer ball and bounces her amazing cleavage simultaneously. It was only a matter of time when she had every man on the beach wanting to play with her. After all she is Italian, a Supermodel and highly interested in the World Cup Events.

Most of all, we must always take into consideration that not all Italian Super Models play soccer like she does. Although, I guarantee most of you would love for her to juggle your soccer balls all day long. Currently on a plane leaving the beautiful Miami Beach, Unfortunately was unable to catch a glimpse of this amazing moment. But thanks to those who have the skills of photography. We were able to tell the story regardless and let you all know.

If you want to run into celebrities half naked and playing soccer on the beach, head to Miami Beach immediately.